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Welcome to the New Eye Company

Welcome to New Eye Company, the Australian home of IC Safety

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IC Safety System Components

PH: 07 3885 2634 or 0415 348 096

The IC Safety System won the ABC show New Inventors on the 18.05.2011

New Inventors on YouTube

Safety Glasses buying by

IC Safety Safety Frames UV 400 Rated, 100% Polycarbonate Materials,

Anti Fog, Anti Scratch and approved to Australian Standard 1337.1,

selected and tested to accommodate the Astralon Foil.

Safety Glasses buying by

Astralon™ Optical Foil brings function and comfort, professionally fitted with the wearer’s prescription lenses.

New Eye Company offers a lifetime replacement warranty on all Astralon Foils.

Safety Glasses buying by

Distortion free optical correction in all Workplaces and environments.

IC Safety System at a Glance

With the IC collection, you can not only enjoy the latest in European style and technology in your sun, safety, sports fishing and lifestyle  glasses, but also bring perfect vision to all aspects of your recreational and working lives! The revolutionary Astralon foil brings style function and comfort together with distortion-free optical correction. Now you can have fun, funky wraparound protective eye-wear with your prescription at an affordable price.

IC Safety is designed to maximize quality and value while minimizing the cost to you.

You may want different colored or different strength tints depending on your taste or the time of day.

One corrective foil can fit as many pair of the IC Safety Collection glasses range as you like, so there is no need to  compromise preference for cost!

What is the IC Safety System?

The IC Safety System (IC Safety is a Division of the New Eye Company) has been designed to maximize the optical and safety frame quality and requirements for our clients while reducing the purchase price of optical safety glasses and the ongoing cost of replacement safety frames to you, the employer.

The IC Safety System comprises of two components, 1 pair of IC Safety Safety Frames UV 400 rated, anti fog and anti scratch which meets the strict requirements of Australian Standard 1337.1.

1 Astralon™ Optical Foil (we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all Astralon™ Foils) fitted with the wearers prescription lenses offering distortion free optical correction in all workplace environments.



What are the Pros and Cons of IC Safety System for your Company?



Distortion free optical correction in all work environments.

Cost effective frame replacement of lost or damaged optical frames ( no longer a need for a full replacement ).

Tested and approved Safety Frames to AS 1337.1

Rapid turnaround times for prescription lenses.

100 % cost coverage for employees who have Private Health Insurance, offering minimal cost to you for your corrective safety lenses.

The Astralon Foil fits all the entire IC Safety approved frames. (Lifetime Warranty on all Astralon Foils )

German Precision Workmanship.

Full and timely backup service supporting your organizations Safety Management System.

By damaging the IC Safety frame, you can be on the job site again in 20 seconds with slipping your IC Safety optical prescription foil

into a new pair of IC Safety.


We can't think of any? We really,really tried!!!

There is no point wearing optical glasses in the workplace

if you can't see clearly under all conditions!!!

How it works at New Eye Company

Obtain your Optical Prescription. Full eye examinations are available to all Medicare

Card holders free of charge ( Medicare Card holders are eligible for an eye examination every

two years ) or simple prescription checks are covered by Medicare at any time. The employee

undergoes an eye examination by an Optometrist or if they have a current prescription the

employee simply sends the prescription to New Eye Company using the NEC prescription form.

Manufacture and Fitting. Once we have received the prescription our trained staff

manufacture the prescribed lenses in our optical laboratory and fit them to the Astralon

Foil, the IC Safety System is ready for shipment.

Delivery. New Eye Company sends the finished IC Safety System directly to the employee

or to the employee's workplace anywhere in Australia either by Express Courier Service or

Australia Post and he/she simply clips the Astralon Foil to the IC Safety Frame.

Delivery times vary according to the type of optical lens required by you, they are as follows:

Single Vision Lenses: 8 working days from receipt of prescription

Bifocal Lenses: 14 working days from receipt of prescription

Multifocal Lenses: 14 working days from receipt of prescription

For your special delivery requirements contact us to make arrangements.

Supply Of Safety Frames

IC Safety is fully stocked to supply all your safety eye wear requirements for any environment

and working condition. Our safety range of eye wear meets the requirements of

Australian Standard 1337.1  Contact us for a free quotation.

IC Safety is for all employees, not only those which need prescriptions

The optical IC Safety Foil and your prescription:

How it works:

1. Obtain your prescription ( see details below )

2. Choose your personal IC Safety frame

3. Forward your prescription using the Online Shop order form, or the NEC prescription form and either e-mail ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

or fax it through ( 07 3496 2853 ) to new eye company.

Through Medicare, full eye tests are available to all eligible cardholders every 2 years. However we only need a simple prescription check ( also covered by Medicare ) which can be done any time as a short consultation.

Simply visit your local optometrist for an eye test or a short consultation to obtain your prescription. The optometrist has to give you, by law, a clear and readable copy.

Alternatively, shops that have made up glasses for you previously will have it, thus call them and ask for it.

Very Important:

Ask them to include your pupil distance (PD) on your prescription!!!

The PD is the distance between your pupils.

Pupal Distance (PD) should be measured during the eye examination and written on your prescription. Some optometrists omit this, so before your test, ask the Optometrist to include the PD.

It is your choice where you purchase your glasses, the optometrist shouldn't imply that you need to buy from them!

Example Prescription:

Right lens:    sphere  -2.00  cyl  -0.50  axis 90  add +2.00              PD: 32

Left Lens :    sphere  -1.50  cyl  -0.75  axis  75  add +2.00             PD: 32

See order form in the Online shop to fill in your personal script.

Incorrect prescriptions forwarded to New Eye Company are not covered under warranty.


  • We got the newest, most innovative optical Safety, Sun, Sports and Fishing glasses for You, suitable for optical prescription lenses.
  • IC Safety for a safe work environment !
  • Check us out!
  • We were established in 2002


New Eye Company Brisbane / Redcliffe Office

Trading as NEC Optics

53 - 55 Redcliffe Parade

Redcliffe Qld 4019

Ph: 07 3885 2634

Fax: 07 3496 2853

Mob: 0415 348 096

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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